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Are you ready for a one time transformational opportunity?

To consciously participate

in the creation of your life?

You are in the right place!

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only for 12 people

The Opportunity to join:


Immersion Weekend Wellbeing Retreat


4 Weeks Interactive Online Course


Cultivate your own power, potential and purpose.

Live, Online, Interactive 


Be part of intimate group of only 12 people and have unique experience with 8 Live Sessions, Guided Meditations, Yoga, Breath Work, Workbooks,

Personal Support, Intuitive Writing, Creative Nourishment, and so much more!


The Inner Healer Journey will take you to another deeper understanding of yourself. Using beautiful, powerful techniques and exercises.

Self-observation, Self-care, Self-knowledge and Self-love.


Benefits you will experience as a result of the

Inner Healer journey:


* Reconnection to the Inner Self.

* Feeling more balance, peace and relaxation.

* Assimilating new beliefs of who you truly are.

* A deep understanding of what you need and want to do to reach fulfillment in life.

* Realizing the healing potential inherent in you.

* Create a healthy, loving relationships with yourself and others

* You will learn to communicate with the higher self and receive messages and guidance from your Inner Healer

* Strengthen your focus and the ability to be present 

* Honoring your emotions and having more control on your reactions 

* Feel deeper love and gratitude for yourself, for life and living from the essence of your soul

Healing from the Inside - Out

Go deeper with the practice and the knowledge of your well-being.

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What you get in the bundle?

Well-being Weekend Retreat               (value of 60$)

Online Course.                                 (value of 197$)

Extra 6 live sessions                          (value of 300$)

Closed group of Sharing and support   (value of 50$)

Inner Healer monthly Membership        (value of 20$)

Resources and Worksheets                  (value of 80$)

A certificate of completion                  (value of 100$)

Total of 12 hours live sessions all the content and the benefits that are yours to use & keep



ONLY $98 x 4 payments

or 387$ one payment

There are only 12 available spots in order to keep the group intimate and have unique experience that will leave an impact.

Don't miss it!


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Important information:


The Well-Being Weekend Retreat Schedule:


** DAY 1: October 2nd - Opening and Introductions to each other, to the retreat. Inquiry & First practices. (2 hours) 

** DAY 2: October 3rd - The power of movement and Breath, and Meditation for stress-reduction and healing. (2 hours)

The Interactive Online Course Schedule:

4 weeks experience based on A UNIQUE METHOD IN 4 DIMENSIONS

Starting October 10th


Week 1:  

  • Introduction to the Inner Healer and the 4D method. 

  • Exploring The physical Dimension, 

  • Reconnecting to and understanding the Body


Live Session 1 - Course Grand Opening - Welcome, sharing, intention settings, commitments. (2 hours)


Live Session 2 - Understand Your Physical Dimension - Be in the Body. (1 hour) 


Self-Study: ** Self-practice with the module’s exercises and tools.


Week 2: 

  • Exploring the emotional dimension.

  • Deep healing, expressing, releasing and letting go.

  • Breath work and why it is important.


Live Session 3 - Connect Your Emotional Dimension - Feel Everything.  (1 hour)


Self Study: ** Self-practice with the module’s exercises and tools.


Week 3: 

  • Exploring the Mental dimension. 

  • Expanding the consciousness.

  • Self-inquiry and mindfulness. 


Live Session 4 - Know Your Mental Dimension - Be Mind-full (1 hour)


Self Study: ** Self-practice with the module’s exercises and tools.


Week 4: 

  • Exploring the Heart dimension

  • Opening the heart, Loving unconditionally.

  • Celebrating the Inner Healer Presence.


Live Session 5 - Love Your Heart, Embrace Your Essence.  (1 hour)

Live Session 6 - Special Closing Ceremony, Gratitude and Integration. (2 hour)


What next? ** Continuation of Self-practice with the module’s exercises and tools, group is open - all content - unlimited!

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We are together on this journey, stepping one step at a time to become better people - for ourselves and others. By changing the inner world we change the external world, and make it a better place.

Giving the tools so that you’re not dependent on someone else - it’s coming from you. We know that the essence of the Inner Healer is within every single person.

These tools and techniques have been specifically chosen because of their effectiveness, simplicity and ease of integration into your everyday schedule.

They can also be used as frequently as you want, it may be that you have one consistent practice but in times of high stress or anxiety, you use a different tool to help regulate or express yourself in this experience.