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What is Love? 4. Love of All

Part 4: Continuing and Concluding one of many explorations into LOVE...

What does the word LOVE mean to you?

Love of All.

Can you love that stranger, this politician, that tyrant? Can you love the dung beetle, the spider, the garden weed?


  1. Whether we truly love ‘Things’.

  2. Why we love others

  3. How to love ourselves

Helps us to move towards the understanding of what love might be. At least how it feels.

A short exercise:

Who or what do you love most. What fills your heart, your body, your soul with a deep, beautiful sensation of trust, warmth, joy connection. Think of the person or animal, hold them in your heart and remove any mental energy, no attachment to them, no possession, no expectation of what they can give you or do in exchange for your love. Love them just because you love them.

This feeling, all the chemical reactions, the gratitude for having this person, this vibration of energy that means so much to you, in your life.

Feel that for yourself.

Don’t be afraid of it. You are just as deserving of Love. Your own love and the love of others. Let yourself love yourself. Feel gratitude towards your physical vibration - your body - constantly striving to keep you in balance and experiencing in this life. For your life energy that animates this body, your breath and your constant communication through the breath with the world outside and the world inside. You are a miracle. Love that. Love yourself as a piece of creation. Just as you love your friends, family, pets for being their own little piece of creation.

That love is UNCONDITIONAL. It is heart to heart.

Remember how hard it is to love our selves. Many of us Humans are still ruled by our heads and not our hearts and although it’s changing fast, it’s often very hard to Love others. We don’t always agree with their actions, beliefs or choices as mental beings.

Can we love the stranger, the politician, the person who thinks differently? Or someone that has hurt us, someone that we have come to hate?

If we love ourselves, is there a way to love others? On the mental plane, perhaps we disagree or completely don’t understand their actions or reason. But on the heart plane, they too are a piece of creation, trying to understand themselves. What does love mean to them - is it something they have experienced in this life?

And what about all creation. The planet, Nature. Why is it much easier to love a bunny rabbit than a slug, or a tree than a nettle, or a desert than a Bog - why is that? Our opposers to love so far being Hate, Fear, disgust and ugliness. Is it possible to love that which we hate, love that which we fear, love things where we don’t see beauty, things that disgust us.


Humans are here to Love. First to love others and things, then learning to love Ourselves and witnessing the effect that has on our perception of reality, our Inner-work reflecting in our outer environment. Little by little and human by human then being able to move into the practice of universal Love, compassion and gratitude. The RECOGNITION of ALL as self and ALL as ONE. This planet and its seemingly insignificant place in the universe being deeply significant.

We create and build and discover because we love. Science provides tools to see the miracle and magnificence of who and where we are so we can Love, we can be in AWE of this world.

Love inspires us, it drives us forward, it makes us sacrifice, it forces us to be uncomfortable, it gives us our muses, our motivation, it breaks our hearts open and challenges everything we think we are. Love is the transformer of Ego, Love breaks all barriers, Love has no lines, no boundaries, no divisions. Love is the direction in which we are evolving.

Human beings are here to Love and observe with Love. Observe Each other, creation, the universe, the divinity of nature.

To fill ourselves with this elixir called Love, so we can fill each other and radiate the frequency of love through all the “empty space”.

To look past the surface, look past the chemicals, the defences, the ego and the mind. To look each other in the eye and see the LOVE in the other. To be a mirror for the love of each other. To be the mirror that reflects the wonder of the universe back to itself.

This is far from a conclusion. We will be exploring this exciting, poignant and beautiful subject in more depth in our upcoming workshop series: What is Love?

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be love in return.

& You're invited to Join our Workshop Series to have the opportunity to dive deeper into this beautiful subject!

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