The Method

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4 Dimensional Healing

The Unique Method works by separating the Dimensions - an aspect of our ‘self’ that usually operates as part of an integrated Whole but can be explored and understood as its own individual entity.

We are not a single dimensional, but we exist in multiple dimensions and we have access to tools from these other dimensions. By understanding them, we can wok with them and support ourselves in our daily routine.


Vibrates the body on a molecular and atomic level. Calms the nervous system.

When we heal our body we can heal also whatever it is within and notice the relationship of the body-mind-spirit.⁠⠀


Helps to feel, express, accept and release emotions.

When we let ourselves feel fully and learn how to not respond, but to react - we heal and deal with all the challenges with ease. Life gets easier.


Allows the mind to move from wandering, into a circular motion.

Finding compassion towards ourselves.


Finding compassion, with deep Intention, changes and raises the vibration.

Everything starts with love. Everything ends with love.

By opening our hearts we discover source of infinite unconditional love within. 

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