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The Story of Inner Healer

How it all started?


Inner Healer 4D is a Female Founded Health & Well-Being Company. 

Established in 2020 by Idit Nissenbaum (Israel) and Jennifer Louise (UK) Inner Healer 4D is a unique method for health, well-being solutions, self-healing & educational resources.

Before the Lockdown, both Idit and Jeni had been working internationally as Creative Artists, Yoga Instructors and Ceremony/ Retreat facilitators. 

We saw that the lockdowns only highlighted the need for increased awareness around mental health and general well-being. A rise in anxiety, disconnection and isolation continues and we value the having technology as a means to connect and share with people all over the world. 

To feel a sense of Home, Community and Support. 

In 2020 alone our research and development stage saw the creation of more than 60 workshops, retreats and classes, with many more in 2021.


Why Online?

Inner Healer was created in the online realm, our services support and foster the health of our clients, internally and externally. There are many benefits of using the online platform, it allows schedule flexibility and self-paced study, meeting and connecting internationally and sharing more, for longer.

Refining the Method.


The method, with it’s foundations in spiritual science as well as modern sciences, has Love at the roots of the whole system and focuses on 4 primary pillars:


and the 4 corresponding Dimensions:


understanding that we are multidimensional beings helps us to open our hearts, release our judgements and learn about ourselves.

There is no one else like you.

Because everyone is unique, we wanted to make what we were creating accessible, simple and possible, so that each individual seeking for change can access the support to support themselves. 


Jennifer Louise

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Multi-style + Online Yoga, Meditation Instructor, Sound Therapist, Creative Arts Practitioner, Author and Founder of Little Yogi Universe. 


She works to creatively integrate and simplify ancient techniques allowing us all to be explorers and healers of our inner world to help grow balance, kindness and compassion in the outer world.


Idit Nissenbaum

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Multimedia Healing Artist, Conscious Entrepreneur, Yoga Instructor, Light Worker and a Self-Love Promoter!

Her aim is to raise the vibration, awaken others' consciousness and transform to live in the highest potential.

Her work is about deepen the connection with the self and express it in the most creative ways.

So, who are we?



Inner Healer is a platform, a method and a way of living to support others to master their own healing, self-development, personal growth and well-being.


To spread love, service and support to as many people as possible using healing and wellness with a professional, experiential and authentic approach.



Inner Healer is also a community of people that aspire to the practice of sharing and connecting. We are never alone and we believe that everyone seeking to make conscious changes should have access not only to the Keys: information, tools, techniques and practices, but also the support to journey courageously and powerfully on their unique path.



Our core teachings, treatments, services and practices at Inner Healer 4D, are always Starting and Ending with the HEART - love forms the foundation of the entire method.

Our purpose is to provide Simple, Effective Tools and Techniques to ignite and enhance personal power, self-healing & self-love in all those seeking lasting transformation.


The focus is on understanding & healing in the 4 Dimensions:

Physical, Emotional, Mental and Heart. Separating and using contemporary methods and sciences with ancient wisdom techniques that have been tried, tested and are delivered in a way that emphasises the necessity of personal experience with the roots of love. 



Book a private session with us

Our 1-2-1 services are bespoke and tailored to the needs of the client. 

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