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Online and In-Person offerings to Transform your Health & Well-Being


These services can be either private sessions or courses or for small groups.


All Services include a Free Discovery Consultation.

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With Jeni

3 Sessions | 5 Sessions | 10 Session Course

Transformational Yoga | Hatha | Vinyasa | Yin | Kundalini

Strength cardio flexibility 
Physical, emotional and mental health

Yoga is one of the best ways we can use readily available tools (our body and breath) to deeply reconnect to ourself and our essence.


Developing self-compassion, gratitude and appreciation for the physical body and its ability to give us the insights we need to other aspects of who we are.

Private classes are tailored around the client.


Resources: Suggested exercises in the form of workbooks and video recordings Personalised exercises tailored to your choice of direction (e.g. increasing flexibility, a certain position, improving balance etc.) 

Group Sessions: Please Inquire for more details

Private Sessions Start at: £45