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Healing From The Inside - Out ∆ Online Course


Be Your Own Healer - Learn a unique method in 4 Dimensions including Yoga & Meditation, self-care & empowerment. Tune into your power and get ready to master your well-being and deepen the journey of conscious healing & transformation, inside - out. This course is an invitation to actively participate in the creation of your life. This will take you to another level of intimacy with yourself with the unique method! The Inner Healer method works by separating the Dimensions - an aspect of our ‘self’ that usually operates as part of an integrated Whole but can be explored and understood as its own individual entity. It is a combination of ancient wisdom and systems for self-healing, blended with modern tools to make the practices accessible and easy to integrate into day-to-day life. We will learn how to tune into our breath, different breathing techniques, yoga, mindfulness, self-observation, writing, quieting the mind, being creative, noticing areas of tension and discomfort in the body and in our lives, and discovering tools to amplify our human experience. The tools you will be introduced to have been specifically chosen because of their effectiveness, simplicity and ease of integration into your everyday schedule.

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 ∆  Online Course ∆ Healing From The Inside - Out

∆ Online Course ∆ Healing From The Inside - Out

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