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This little book is a resource for learning the Chakra Mantras for Relaxing, Activating and Balancing the Chakras. There is no explaination about the chakras, so if you already know about chakras but are just looking for add value to your personal practice or professional services then this resource is for you!


However, if you want more context behind each chakra and are interested in graining a more comprehensive understanding of the chakras then you can find "The Chakras" Ebook in the library - this also includes the mantras, but also explains the science and wisdom behind these vortexes of energy, how to balance, open and transform them to help in our everyday lives and also in our aspiration for deeper understanding of ourselves. 


This Book of Chakra Mantras is Interactive - you simply click on the mantra you would like to listen to and practice along with the Audio. 


If you enjoy this and are looking for a wider collection of Interactive Mantras, you can find "The Book of Mantras Pt. 1" in the Library! 

Chakra Mantras - Interactive Practice

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