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Inner Healer 4D is called as such because of the nature of the Method that we have created based on Self-Love, Ancient Spiritual Science and Modern Sciences. 


The Inner Healer is the opening to true Self-Love beyond conditions: the practice of unconditional love. We work to deepen our relationship with our SELF and love ourselves for who we are and who we are becoming. 


But, Who are we? 


What is "our SELF"?


That is where the 4D aspect comes in. The method is to recognise that we are multi-dimensional beings. That each Dimension carries impressions, memories, wounds, scars. That each Dimension has it's own energy and it's own mind.


In our everyday busy lives, we can often get mixed up with the needs and fluctuations of the body, the emotions, the thougths. It can be difficult not to be overcome by worry or anxiety or to distinguish what care and attention a certain Dimension needs.


Through the Inner Healer, we are able to stand back and observe our complexities with Love, compassion and respect. So that the healing and transformation is done with the natural medicine of Love. This allows us to be PRESENT, to truly know and support ourselves, not to judge or resent who we are to force a change, but to LOVE who we are regardless, let the transformation take place naturally, moving forward with gratitude and grace.


Through the Inner Healer 4D Method, we explore each dimension giving it time and space. Observing what is present and simultaneously building a tool box of techniques to support, express, nourish, love, and commit to healing.


Once we are able to witness our Dimensions, who we ARE becomes more clear.


This little book gives a simple, brief introduction to the Dimensions, how to distinguish them and an overview of what is going on in there. It is designed to help us grow in wonder for ourselves and the amazing mechanisms that are giving us our experience of life.



The 4 Dimensions (An Introduction)

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