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A “healer” is not someone you go for healing.
A “healer” is someone that ignites within, your own ability to heal yourself.

This is where your path to
finding your inner power, wisdom and healer begins.

Here, you can:


1) Enhance Physical, Emotional and Mental Well-being

2) Become more balanced and peaceful in your daily life 

3) Deal with stress, anxiety and uncertainty 



Who are we?

Founded by

Idit Nissenbaum and Jeni Louise, two entrepreneurs, yoga instructors, professional artists; who believe in living a healthy life full of joy, gratitude, and good health.

We are devoted to make healing and well-being tools accessible and easy to integrate into everyday life. 




Sandra Stakic

"It truly feels like a retreat that you come out of a new, better version of yourself. 

Gaining tools on healing all 4 aspects of the human experience - body, mind, emotions and spirit. I haven't experienced a course/program that covers all in one besides this one.

The commitments were crucial to bringing the tools learned into daily practice. It helps me remember that I am on a journey with healing my 4 energy bodies and must make an effort to make time for them in my day."

Kelly Winch

"I have learnt that I am able to connect my physical, emotional and mental body. I have never meditated before and I can’t believe I  haven’t, it’s such a great way to find inner peace and to just be in the present. I've been reminded of my own strength, potential and beauty.


Sadly, these are easy to forget sometimes. There were so many realisations, and after feeling socially anxious for a year or two, throwing myself into a new situation with new and unknown people, and being held so safely in that space, feels like the beginning of a healing process, and a reminder that I can also hold myself in the same safe way when I feel anxious about new things."


Daisy Harrington

"It has been a truly amazing introduction to a retreat. I have never been on a retreat before and I feel that this was just amazing for someone to take part in if you have been unsure in the past.


It has enabled me to open my eyes to the different dimensions of my body and connect spiritually which I never thought I could do.


I have suffered with anxiety and depression over the past few years and throughout this week I have found practices and techniques which I know will help me to cope when I become anxious."

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